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Wednesday, 12 October 2011 13:01

The Cost of Cool

If the latest predictions are accurate, the long hot summer which so many Australians enjoy is expected to become longer and hotter than ever.

Scientists from the CSIRO have warned of soaring temperatures as global warming continues to heat the continent. In the midst of escalating electricity prices, this comes as unfavourable news to homeowners who will once again battle to keep costs down and keep cool.

Last year twenty two million Australians sweltered through the nation's hottest summer on record, with capital cities across the country experiencing above average temperatures and an increased number of extremely hot days. When the heat peaked, most sought relief by turning on their air conditioner. Once a luxury, air conditioners have become fundamental to the modern Australian home with usage increasing substantially over the last decade – rising from 33 per cent of homes in 1994 to 92 per cent in 2008.

Not surprisingly, air conditioner usage is the biggest contributor to household energy costs during the summer months, accounting for roughly 41 per cent of the average Australian family's electricity bill. Peak periods of air conditioner use often occur at the end of the day, between 4pm and 9pm, when residents arrive home and set their thermostat very low in an attempt to cool a hot house quickly.

In addition to being costly to operate, air conditioner use on particularly hot days places augmented strain on local electricity grids. Fossil fuel burning generators are forced to work overtime adding to already considerable greenhouse gas emissions. Ironically, the energy used to make life cooler today will ultimately contribute to a warmer world tomorrow.

Since launching onto the Australian market in 2007, Vornado's dynamic range of affordable and energy efficient air circulators present Australian consumers with choice to not only conserve energy and the environment but also keep cool on those sweltering summer days. For over half a century Vornado has been the leader in air comfort products in the US, engineering air circulators powerful enough to penetrate even large rooms, distributing an even, comfortable temperature.

Energy efficient and cost effective to run, a Vornado air circulator typically consumes as little as 29 watts and up to 65 watts per hour – the equivalent of a hundredth of the energy required to operate an air conditioner, or less than half that needed to power a standard light globe. Vornado air circulators can be used either alone or in conjunction with an air conditioner to stir 'stuffy' stagnant air and create comforting air movement.

In addition to investing in an air circulator, there are a number of simple ways to keep costs down and keep cool this summer. Households can reduce energy use by turning small appliances off at the wall and avoiding using major appliances such as washing machines, dryers and pool pumps between 4pm and 9pm. The most cost effective temperature setting for air conditioners is a comfortable 24 degrees, with savings of 10% on cooling costs to be made for every single degree higher the air conditioner is set.


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