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Monday, 19 September 2011 12:08

Manners for the Modern Table

Do you know the correct way to eat soup? How do you butter a bread roll when at a formal dinner table? Are there any rules regarding seating arrangements? There are probably far less people than you'd expect who would answer these questions correctly. So do old fashioned manners still have a part in modern dining?

Dining etiquette is a minefield that appears to have declined in recent years. Many have grown up with time-poor families, either eating on the run or in front of the television. Despite the fact strict formalities are no longer de rigeur when entertaining at home or dining out, good manners are just as important as ever.

So what are the dos and don'ts of modern dining?

• When invited to dinner, always bring your host wine, flowers or a small gift.

• Brush up on your cutlery skills. The modern table is far simpler than days gone by, so make sure you know what is used when.

• If you're left-handed, change the cutlery around when you sit.

• Always eat in small mouthfuls so you don't have to chew for ages, and swallow before answering a question.

• If you're the host, plates shouldn't be cleared until everyone is finished.

• When adding sauce, don't "slosh" it all over your food, put a little to the side of the plate.

• Always try your food before adding salt and pepper, after offering it to the person on your left first.

• Don't use that Blackberry during a meal - switch off all mobile phones.

• At a restaurant show respect to staff serving you. Never beckon a wait person with a crooked finger. You should only need to catch their eye to get their attention.

• For soup, ensure you use a proper soup spoon and always move it away from you across the bowl.

• As for that bread roll – never ever cut it. Slice off a piece of butter and put it on your plate, break your bread into pieces and butter each piece.


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