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Monday, 19 September 2011 11:20

These Boots are Made for Walking

Whilst the words "boot camp" may conjure images of muddy military-recruitment training or physical punishment for prison inmates, Boot Camps have now become synonymous with a series of fitness sessions offered to those wanting to shed a few kilos or get fit.

The appeal? Achieving fitness and lifestyle goals in a motivational and dynamic team environment. Perfect for the unmotivated or those wanting to realise their full fitness potential, boot camps leave no room for slacking off during a work-out. Boot camps started to gain popularity in 1991 and since then have become a widespread fitness training option. Operating on a unique rotational basis, boot camps are great for those with short attention spans that get bored easily.

Training sessions hold a similar motivational mentality to that of traditional military boot camps, only with the view of accomplishment rather than punishment. Trainers take a 'hard taskmaster' approach, providing intense 'encouragement' to push clients past their usual barrier of defeat and into a new zone of accomplishment. Having been pushed to work out harder than they usually would, clients see increased results in weight loss, fitness levels, muscle toning and building, body conditioning, along with a general lift in attitude.

Boot camp programs operate all year round, but become particularly popular in the summer months as trainers have the advantage of mobility and thus the freedom to conduct sessions outdoors at parks and beaches-providing more enjoyable surrounds for a workout (along with the added benefit of uneven terrain).

A typical boot camp session involves a combination of weights and cardio, incorporating group and individual activities. This combination aims to achieve both cardio and strength fitness, whilst targeting a range of muscle groups.

Boot camp sessions typically have a limit on the number of participants ensuring that each individual is monitored and coached, maintaining the personalized aspect of each program. The intensity of the workout and the delivery by the trainer is determined by the client and dependent on session type and regularity. There are a variety of boot camps on offer, from those with a military-style intensity to those with a less intimidating approach, ensuring there is a boot camp for everyone.

And for those that prefer to exercise alone in the comfort of their home a variety of Boot Camp DVDs are available. Rocco Sorace, a well-known celebrity fitness and lifestyle trainer based in Melbourne, has produced Mind & Body Boot Camp an instructional DVD with a full training session, including a warm-up and stretch-down. Mind & Body Boot Camp is available at retailers nationwide.

To get the boot camp experience visit www.stepintolife.com.au and explore the personalised boot camp programs on offer.


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