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Unbelievably two hundred years have passed since the incredible Peugeot adventure began. It was 1810 when brothers Jean-Pierre and Jean-Frederic converted the family grain mill into a steel foundry and began forging quality steel products. Soon after, the ingenious duo began diversifying their skills

manufacturing saw blades, crinolines, sewing machines and the world's first steam powered tricycle before delving into the arts of the table in 1840. The world's first table sized pepper mill, the Z model, was created by the Peugeot brothers in 1874.

Since the creation of the Z model over a century ago Peugeot has continued to remain at the forefront of salt and pepper mill innovation and design developing an extensive range of traditional and modern electric mills in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and finishes. With production continuing

to remain in France today, each and every Peugeot mill embodies the boldness, elegance and rich French cultural history which have come to characterise the brand today. The durability of Peugeot's famously reliable steel grinding mechanism is proudly reflected by a true, unmatched lifetime



In addition to being synonymous with French gourmet cooking, the Peugeot name can also more recently be associated with another gastronomic experience for which the French are renowned: wine. In 2006 an opportunity arose for Peugeot to lend its name to a family of wine products

and, in turn, bring its penchant for quality and innovation to another side of the gourmet experience. Peugeot has since utilised its design talents to develop a unique range of wine products including specialised decanters and aerators for revealing aromas as well as accessories for opening,

serving and storage.


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