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Through the use of the most advanced technology, uncompromised quality and functional design, Silicone Zone creates products to improve people's lives and experiences in the Kitchen and Home. The Silicone Zone brand is synonymous with innovation, quality and value. Silicone Zone's goal

is to continue to be creative and evolutionary in our product design and manufacturing, to deliver better living to every modern home Silicone Zone is an innovator when it comes to developing silicone

kitchenware since 2002. With the increased consumer awareness in the properties of silicone as a material safe to be used in food preparation and storage, Silicone Zone has developed over the years award winning, ergonomic and functional products that suit today's health conscious



All Silicone Zone products are manufactured to the highest quality and meet worldwide food contact safety standards. Silicone Zone is continuously committed to the highest levels of manufacturing quality, product performance, innovative design and consumer satisfaction.


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