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Day Two - Green Smoothie Challenge

The Week of the Green Smooth at LifenFork


Today we took the green smoothie one step further, but we still sat comfortably on the safe side. Enough sweetness to distract us from the kale, but for some reason it did not taste quite as sweet as yesterday.   The Verdict?


The recipe

1.5 cups of kale chopped finely

1 cup of water

1 frozen mango

2 frozen bananas

1 orange

1 kiwi fruit


The method

Place the kale and water into the blender. Blitz until smooth.

Add the frozen mango and banana and blitz.

Add the orange and kiwi fruit. Blitz, blitz blitz.

Serve immediately into your preferred glass.



The verdict

Vibrant, green, slightly sweet and smooth. The bananas and mango in this smoothie provided it with and lovely silkiness. Pleasing for most of the team. We still have 2 kids willing to drink the green goodness, the third kid, couldnít be convinced to dabble.

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