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Get Moving

It's winter and the temptation to stay rugged up inside is hard to fight. If you have been overindulging lately its time to reboot your routine. Get out of the fitness rut and get moving every day, summer is just around the corner.

Now we're not suggesting that you throw yourself into a military-styled boot-camp and live off celery sticks. An active and healthy life can be as simple as eating a healthy, balanced diet and walking daily. In fact, you can improve your health without needing to undertake vigorous or lengthy physical activity. Walking is an excellent form of physical activity and ideal for people who may not have exercised for a while, are overweight or elderly. Apart from giving you time to get outdoors, smell the roses and breathe in some fresh air, walking also offers a host of health benefits, like reducing body fat, increasing muscle strength and endurance, strengthening bones and improving balance. A fantastic guide to adequate daily exercise is the 10.000 Steps guide provided by www.10000steps.org.au. The recommended 10.000 Steps daily originated in japan, where researcher Yoshiro Hatuna proved that 10.000 Steps-a-Day gets you well on the way to achieving the 'magic" minimum daily activity guideline. 10.000 Steps isn't a weight loss walking program, but it does form a solid foundation to build a walking weight loss program on. 10,000 Steps is approximately 8 kilometres and 1 hour 40 minutes of walking per day.

So start walking towards your healthier life today!

Last modified on Wednesday, 10 July 2013 10:29

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