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Swap Coffee for Green Tea

Ever feel like your drinking too much coffee? Why don't we try something different and switch that second and third cup to Green Tea.

Green tea has been linked with a reduced risk of cancer in men and women. Research shows women drinking green tea every day can reduce risk of breast cancer by approximately 47%. This is compared to those who drink no tea at all. For men, drinking green tea each day can play a big role in reducing the risk of prostate cancer. Individuals who consume green tea tend to have lower levels of cholesterol and studies have also shown a decrease in blood pressure.

An added bonus is that green tea has also been linked with weight loss. Some studies have shown that people can shed a few pounds by simply swapping coffee for green tea.

Weight loss and reduced risk of cancer, why not give it a go? So instead of pouring that third cup of coffee, reach for the green tea instead. Hey, you'll still get that caffeine kick.

Last modified on Friday, 10 January 2014 14:16
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