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Make the Most of Chocolate While You Can

Chocolate For Thought

Speculations suggest the world could face a chocolate drought over the next few years. Who's thinking it might be a good idea to start stocking up on all your favourite chocolate treats? Could chocolate prices skyrocket so the average joe can't enjoy the magical taste?

According to UK's The Independent, cocoa has doubled in price in the last six years reaching an all time high in the past three decades. In 20 years time chocolate could be a rare and expensive piece of heaven. It seems our ever growing consumption of chocolate is now colliding with the decrease in production of the cacao bean. Of the world's 5.5 million cocoa farmers, only 10 per cent have been trained and certified as sustainable fair-trade producers. In some areas farmers are abandoning their crops and others are finding it hard to maintain high production levels. Can you imagine a world with no chocolate?

The joy that chocolate brings to so many fellow chocoholics will stay strong, the fortunate aspect is that there is always a way around these turn of events, no one will give up on that special ingredient that make their cupcakes that much flavoursome or their cookies so much sweeter. So snap off a piece of chocolate to compliment your cup of tea, sit back and relax.

Last modified on Tuesday, 12 March 2013 13:46

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