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Smoky & Delicious Eggplant

Eggplants or aubergines, are a staple cooking ingredient across the world; particularly Europe.

Just like a tomato, eggplants are actually a fruit rather than a vegetable. When choosing your eggplants, pick the ones which feel heavy for their size. Ideally they should have bright, shiny skin that is free from wrinkles and brown patches.

They can sometimes taste slightly bitter, particularly when older, so a good tip is to sprinkle the eggplant (sliced or chopped) with salt and let it drain for 30 minutes. Make sure you rinse the salt off and then cook as per the recipe's instructions.

Eggplant tower with tofu, pepper, tomatoes, chilli and oregano.


1 small onion, diced

1 carrot, diced

1 small zucchini, diced

1-2 red peppers, roughly chopped

4 dried tomatoes, in oil diced

1 spring thyme

4 tbsp oil

2 eggplants, sliced and salted

200g tofu, diced

75ml vegetable stock

4 small chilli peppers


Mix together the onion, carrot, zucchini, pepper, tomatoes and thyme

Heat the oil in a pan and fry the eggplant slices. Remove them from the pan and add the mixed vegetables. Add the tofu, quench with stock, simmer for 3-5 minutes and season with salt and ground black pepper.

Stack the eggplant slices and the vegetable-tofu mixture on plates and serve garnished with chillis.

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