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Ramsey's Record $2500 Pizza

With only 14 days until the World Pizza Challenge in Las Vegas, there is no better time for our Lifenfork readers to take inspiration and create some beautiful fresh pizza's at home with your family and friends.

Pizza is truely a global food of choice. For generations there has been much debate about the origins of pizza with the Italians, Greeks and even Egyptians claiming ownership of pizza.

However, travel the globe today and you will find that it is the Italians who have made pizza a national food icon.

In Italy, pizza is as much about enjoying the experience of eating, as it is about the taste. Sitting in a bistro filled with long shared benches, chatting to fellow travellers, drinking wines of the local region and enjoying the finest pizza in the world, is simply a soulful experience.

So with Autumn upon us in Australia, it is a terrific time of the year to create and share some fresh home made pizza with loved ones, over a glass of light red wine whilst igniting great conversation.

Ramsey's Record $2500 Pizza

Whilst the humble pizza is prepared and enjoyed by millions of people around the globe, it is a very serious business for some. Here are a number of interesting facts about pizza that we bet you did not know.

Most Expensive Pizza | $2500

Gordan Ramsey's Muze Restaurant takes the award for the most expensive pizza in the Guinness Book of World Records. "It is a thin-crust, wood-fired pizza topped with onion puree, white truffle paste, fontina cheese, baby mozzarella, pancetta, cep mushrooms, freshly picked wild mizuna lettuce and garnished with fresh shavings of a rare Italian white truffle". This experience would have cost you $2500 at the time.

The Worlds Longest Delivery | 19,870 km

The Guinness Book of Records sites "Paul Fenech in association with CanTeen Charity and STA Travel hand-delivered a pizza to Niko Apostolakis in Wellington, New Zealand from Opera Pizza, Madrid, Spain, a distance of 19,870 km.

Most Pizzas Made in 1 Hour | 837 (Domino's Australia)

Domino's, Australia's biggest pizza chain, brought together many of its finest people in order to set a new Guinness World Record for the most pizzas made in 60 minutes by a team, with a target of 500 to beat.

The relatively small Domino's restaurant in Bundaberg, had a team of eight who worked on the dough, another six placed toppings, two transported pizzas from the ovens, while two more had the job of cutting and boxing the finished pizzas.

The record of 500 was smashed after just 32 minutes and by the time the stopwatch reached one hour, 837 pizzas had been made to feed a whole lot of very happy Bundaberg families.

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