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Kate Lamont on Wine & Food

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Ever wanted to create the perfect menu when playing host, but fallen short at the nibbles, dinner or dessert? Summer is here and we have turned to food and wine expert Kate Lamont for inspiration when hosting the perfect Summer Dinner Party.

As the head of the successful Lamont's brand, Kate is the Chairman of Tourism WA, a Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and author of three inspiring cookbooks including the lifenfork.com.au featured Food and Wine cookbook.

When it comes to planning your next Summer Feast, your questions are answered along each step of the way with a host of menu suggestions that you can select from. Since we are headed into summer we thought it only fitting to include another delicious menu, appropriately named Summer Feast, taken from Kate's book.

Kate Lamonts Summer Feast Menu

"Family get-togethers, friends visiting from afar and the sheer pleasure of the summer break. Food needs to be easy to pull together, fresh and have a sense of summer. It should celebrate the season, the heat which ripens fruit and be visually inviting as well as taste fabulous. Consider serving icy cold Rose', chill down your lighter style reds and have some fruity Semillon Sauvignon Blanc on hand. All of these recipes will platter beautifully to feed many and the swordfish will barbecue effortlessly. Make many more treacle cigars than you think you need; one of them with a glass of aged vintage Port and you will probably need two per guest!"

Figs with Goats' Curd and Vincotto

Tiger Prawns with Celery Salad and Lime and Ginger

Watermelon, Feta and Sage

Potato and Speck Salad

Swordfish with Candied Lemon

Treacle Cigars

You can find all of these delicious recipes and more amazing menu combinations in Kate Lamont Wine and Food, which is available from lifenfork for only $40.00 (RRP $55.00). With all of these creative and innovative combinations you will be wowing dinner guests with your new found ability to prepare the perfect combination of dishes.


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